LinkedIn is the industry standard for professional networking. Furthermore, over 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn as part of their recruiting practices. So if you don’t have a strong LinkedIn profile, you risk losing out on both networking as well as employment opportunities. Below are useful resources to help you learn how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Start Here:

  1. Creating Your LinkedIn Profile – this webinar includes best practices for key sections of your LinkedIn profile
  2. Use our Comprehensive LinkedIn Checklist for setting up your profile and conducting searches
  3. Follow the Carlson School of Management LinkedIn Page to search through and connect with nearly 50,000 alums worldwide.
How to Send Messages on LinkedIn: A quick video on how to message people on LinkedIn
Quick Searches: A “how-to” for finding people to network with on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn High 5

  1. Have a current headshot where you are facing the camera and smiling
  2. Update your header with the keywords that represent your industry, function and personal brand.  
    Example:  Brand Management | Retail | eCommerce
  3. Your Summary section is where you introduce yourself and highlight the skills and experience you have honed and the value you bring to your organization or company.
  4. List out each job experience and add in a few of your “greatest hits” related to the work – feel free to pull those from your resume.
  5. Follow companies of interest, join groups and aim to have 500+ connections.

Combining LinkedIn &

From Coach Will

You may have noticed that LinkedIn is trying as hard as they can to get you to shell out for a Premium membership – they’ve limited free accounts to 10 personalized invitations to connect per 30 day period. …

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Julie Bartels Sr. Associate Director, Events & Operations
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3 Critical Questions – Stepping Out of Comfort Zones on the Job Search

Photo by Mette Køstner on Unsplash

Familiarity breeds confidence. It’s natural to default to applying to the same jobs with the same responsibilities. Besides, employers are looking for your exact experience in certain roles, right?

Well, yes. But you are …

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