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As a Working Professional graduate student, your career journey may look a little different depending on what kind of career advancement you are seeking. The CBCC offers relevant and accessible services to meet the varying career needs of part-time, working professionals. We encourage you to connect with the CBCC and take advantage of our services throughout your time in the program. Below you will find the  career development framework the CBCC recommends as you navigate through your graduate studies

Successful career management begins with developing a strategy that aligns to your career values, strengths and goals. Take time to explore and reflect upon the life and professional experiences you have had to this point and what you feel called towards.   You can work with your coach to ideate functions, industries and companies that will align to your interests. 
Key elements: Assessments (CareerLeader and CliftonStrengths) | CBCC Workshops

Next you will engage in the market, meet people, network, conduct informational interviews and deepen the research you have already done on the industries, companies and roles you are exploring. This phase helps you get beyond easy-to-access research and draw more real time insight from meeting people, asking thoughtful questions and digging a little deeper. This will also help you identify skill gaps and will work with your coach and your academic advisor to identify ways to leverage your Carlson experience to bridge those gaps.
Key elements: Personal introduction and pitch | Networking & Informational Interviews | Planning Beyond the Core

Finally, you will execute your action plan by refining your marketing assets to reflect your personal brand and value proposition. You will refine your resume, build high impact cover letters and learn how to approach interviews. 
Key elements: Greenlight Career Advancement Program | Resume | Cover letter | LinkedIn | Interviewing | Offer Assessment and Negotiation

Your Graduate Journey

We’ve segmented our services by which are most useful to each career seeker type, but all services and resources are available to all students. Connect with a coach to discuss your next best steps and build a strategy that works for you.


Greenlight is a tactical career skills workshop designed for candidates from PTMBA, OMBA, CEMBA, PT-HRIR, Supply Chain, MABA, and MBT programs. The program prepares students to be interview ready and conduct a job search in the near future. Greenlight also serves as preparation program for PTMBA, OMBA, CEMBA and PT-HRIR students who wish to participate in On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)

Career Orientation Pre-work

We here in the Carlson Business Career Center are excited to be working with you during your time in the program.

Each business masters program has a unique career search timeline, so some of the pre-work assignments will only be mandatory for certain programs – as indicated below. However, we have identified all of these assignments as helpful for ALL job or internship seekers, so please feel free to complete all tasks items even if your program isn’t listed.


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