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  • Students studying marketing can pursue a variety of career paths, including roles in product management, marketing communications, e-commerce, brand management, working in creative/advertising agencies, and more! Every company needs to market and sell their products and services, so organizations leverage either in-house marketing resources, or partner with external firms and agencies to help market to their customers.
  • Land O’Lakes, General Mills, Ecolab, US Bank, Schwan’s, Cambria, Ovative, Bold Orange, Medtronic, Boston Scientific
  • Associate Marketing Manager (AMM), Associate Brand Manager (ABM), Marketing Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Account Manager

3 Critical Questions – Stepping Out of Comfort Zones on the Job Search

Photo by Mette Køstner on Unsplash

Familiarity breeds confidence. It’s natural to default to applying to the same jobs with the same responsibilities. Besides, employers are looking for your exact experience in certain roles, right?

Well, yes. But you are …

By CareerShift
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Best Practices For Landing An Informational Interview

Did you ever think you’d landed your dream position only to discover it was nothing like what you expected? This is precisely the problem that informational interviews prevent. If we want to advance in our careers or shift fields, connecting …

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