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  • Students studying finance can pursue a variety of career paths, including roles in asset management, commerical banking, corporate finance, investment banking, financial planning and analysis, among others! Recruiting is heaviest during the fall semester (both internship and full-time interviews often take place as early as August!), with many firms participating in on-campus recruiting for top talent.
  • Ameriprise Financial, Ernst&Young, Trustone Financial, PwC, KPMG, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Piper Sandler, Lazard, Harris Williams
  • Financial Analyst, Equity Research Analyst, Business Valuation Associate, Research Analyst, I-Banking Analyst

3 Critical Questions – Stepping Out of Comfort Zones on the Job Search

Photo by Mette Køstner on Unsplash

Familiarity breeds confidence. It’s natural to default to applying to the same jobs with the same responsibilities. Besides, employers are looking for your exact experience in certain roles, right?

Well, yes. But you are …

By CareerShift
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11 Financial Analyst Interview Questions (and Answers!)

Financial analyst interview questions are a mix of technical questions designed to test your hard skills and behavioral questions that help the employer know if you have the soft skills to fit in with the company culture. You’ll likely need …

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