Combining LinkedIn &

From Coach Will

You may have noticed that LinkedIn is trying as hard as they can to get you to shell out for a Premium membership – they’ve limited free accounts to 10 personalized invitations to connect per 30 day period. I’ve been messaging with Steve Dalton, the author of The 2-Hour Job Search. He recommends cold-emailing someone rather than using customized notes to connect in LinkedIn, and he recommends websites like to figure out their email address. So I recommend this process: 

  1. Find a job or company of interest
  2. Look for a contact at the company on LinkedIn
  3. Enter the contact’s name into to get their email address
  4. Send an introductory email to your contact (Dalton’s book has examples as well as the CBCC Career Guide on page 30)

Note, Dalton would say that if the contact doesn’t respond within 3 business days, to then reach out to another contact at the company. He also says that in the Covid era, expect a 10-20% response rate (down from the 20-40% response rate pre-Covid), so don’t worry about reaching out to multiple contacts in a company.

By Julie Bartels
Julie Bartels Sr. Associate Director, Events & Operations