Exploration & Self Assessments

Are you trying to clarify the direction for your career? Start with this webinar where we spotlight common business school career paths and tools for exploring career options. You’ll walk away from this presentation with insights about career possibilities and clear next steps to take.

Career Exploration:

Career Exploration is the process of finding a rewarding career path, as well as specific jobs within a particular career path.  Think of career exploration and planning as building bridges from your current job/career to your next job/career. 

We have a variety of tools and resources to help you and recommend you start by watching this video.

Self Assessment:

Assessing yourself personally is essential in knowing what direction to take in your career. You may know for certain that you want to move up in your position (career accelerator), or you may want to change directions with your career (career changer). Like many students, you may have come to business school considering multiple options or are uncertain which path you’d like to take (career seeker). 

Career Exploration Resources

Regardless of your job, function, or industry, it’s a fact that image and professional presence matter.  How you present yourself …

Explore and Discover Companies and industries

Invest time in researching companies to identify your best fit,  Check out the websites, …

Job and Internship Search
On-Campus Recruitment/Visits

On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) is a structured process where large organizations predict their hiring needs …

Effective communication is critical during the job search process, both your verbal communications (in-person or over the phone), as well …

Exploration and Discovery

Understanding what industry and company you want to target can be one of the hardest parts. Explore …

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