Recruiting at Carlson

Job and Internship Search

On-Campus Recruitment/Visits

On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) is a structured process where large organizations predict their hiring needs either a few months to one year out from a start date.  They then partner with schools to post roles and host information sessions to recruit candidates.

For MBA students (from the FTMBA, PTMBA, OMBA and CEMBA programs), candidates in their last academic year seeking full time roles will see companies come to campus and conduct interviews in late September and October.  MBA internship seeking candidates will see companies come to campus in late January and February to conduct interviews for summer internships that will begin in June.    *Please note, PTMBA/OMBA/CEMBA students must complete the Greenlight program to be eligible for On Campus Recruitment.

For M-HRIR students, both full-time and internship seeking candidates will notice that the majority of opportunities happen in the Fall semester (September through October). Some companies will come to campus in the Spring semester, but it’s only a handful.

Examples of OCR Companies

3M, Accenture,,  Boston Consulting Group, Boston Scientific, Coloplast, Deloitte, Dish, Eaton, Ecolab, General Mills, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Land O’Lakes, McKinsey, Medtronic, Target, Optum, and UnitedHealth Group.

Job Search

Under the “Jobs” in Handshake are lists of job postings posted by organizations that would like to connect with you and encourage you to apply, but they’re not coming on-campus to interview. Use the filters on the left hand side a to narrow down your job search – then save your filter for future use!

Resume Books

Requests from Employers:

When organizations are interested in connecting with students directly, the CBCC creates a custom resume book for them with the information they need. Whether they’re looking for students with a certain skill set, industry-specific interest, or geographic preference. Therefore, it’s important to upload and update your default resume often in Handshake.

CBCC Resume Books for Sourced Opportunities:

The CBCC sources opportunities and has conversations with organizations about hiring needs. The opportunities are posted in Handshake under the “Jobs” and custom resume books are sent directly to the organizations based on the criteria and qualifications outlined in the job description. Another reason why it’s important to keep an updated resume set as your default resume in Handshake.

Hiring International Business Students

Carlson School strongly encourages our recruiting partners to consider hiring international candidates. These applicants have well-rounded global perspectives and experiences that can deliver new ideas to solving your firm’s complex business challenges. We have created several resources to answer any questions you might have about this process: 

Employer Guide to Hiring International Students: 

The goal of this guide is to answer our most frequently asked questions from recruiting partners regarding hiring and sponsoring international students.  For more information, please see the Employer Guide to Hiring International Students and Employer Brief to Hiring International Students.