Functional and Case Interview Prep

Consulting Case Interviews

Case Interviewing Overview – A presentation that introduces some of the key features of case interviewing.


Publications (available through CBCC Resource Library or Wilson Business Reference Library)

  • Case Interview Secrets by Victor Cheng
  • Case in Point and Harvard College Guide to Consulting Case Questions by Marc Cosentino
  • Crack the Case by David Ohrvall
  • The Wharton MBA Case Interview Study Guide, Vols. I & II

Consulting Case Interview Resources

  • Firsthand Guide to the Case Interview, login to Firsthand using your @umn email address. 
  • Free case prep here through My Consulting Coach.
  • Case One Program, Marc Cosentino’s program with unlimited access to:
    • Case Questions Interactive (CQI)
    • The Video Vault
    • Live & video case interview workshops
  • CaseCoach offers users the ability to run cases 24/7 with people around the world.  Users can work on mental math, watch case videos, and access helpful casing resources. Initial access is free and premium memberships may be available by speaking with your career coach to get a referral code.
  • Marc Cosentino’s website with preparation tips and sample cases 
  • David Ohrvall’s website with preparation tips and sample cases 
  • Ace the Case with free sample case interviews 
  • Consulting Case 101 offers sample case interview questions organized by type, industry, or company.
  • Quintessential Careers
  • Case In Point book outlines the key frameworks used in consulting.

Consulting Firm websites

MSBA Technical Interviews

  • Interview Query – The Career Center has partnered with IQ to provide technical interviewing practice and preparation. To gain access to this resource, send an email to to request an access code. 
  • Technical Interview Questions – A list of technical interview questions received by prior MSBA students during interviews.
  • Tips from MSBA alumni – This is a bulleted list of tips that were summarized following a technical interviewing panel with three MSBA alumni

Product Management

Learn more here about the timelines and prep tips for internship and full-time product manager roles.

Finance Interviews

  • Wall Streep Prep Red Book – A comprehensive guide to interview prep for roles from investment banking to accounting to FP&A
  • And here is brief webinar about what to expect in a finance interview