Cover Letters

Effective communication is critical during the job search process, both your verbal communications (in-person or over the phone), as well as through all of your written materials and correspondence. 

Professional Correspondence

A chapter from the Career Guide that provides guidelines, tips, and best practices for writing:

  • Cover letters (e.g., “how to” guide, including samples)
  • Thank you notes (e.g., how to write them, when to send them)
  • Professional References
  • Other forms of professional correspondence (e.g., follow-up emails)

Link: Professional Correspondence Guide (starting on page 62)

Carlson Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Packet – Defines the purpose of cover letters, best practices for each paragraph, and includes samples.

Cover Letter Visual – Breaks down each segment of the cover letter. 

Cover Letter Presentation – Workshop presentation materials with a high-level instruction for writing cover letters

When drafting the paragraph of your interest, you may need to mention your preparation through networking. Check this Graduates Company List (3 Years) for potential networking roles of graduates and their company information.