Staying in Touch with Your Network

Recently, Coach Will shared this advice with job seekers..

When you network with someone at a company that doesn’t have an opening or is on a hiring freeze, consider how to “keep the contact warm.” 

  1. Set Reminders: In the book, The 2-Hour Job Search, author Steve Dalton says to stay in touch monthly via messaging; in the CareerTools podcast episode, The Rule of 50, I believe the hosts recommend quarterly reach-outs. It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to the episode, but the point for both timeframes is to have reminders set to prompt you to reach out.
  2. What to Say: Here are a few ideas.
    1. Follow-ups: If they recommended that you do something (e.g. reach out to a contact, take a class, read a book, etc), tell them that you followed their advice.
    2. School Updates: As a student or recent grad, you could let your contact know which classes you finished and which classes you are now taking, or that you finished the program in December.
    3. Work/Life Updates: As a working professional-student, you may have some updates about a work project that wrapped in 2023 or has been assigned for 2024; you could share what you learned from that project or what challenges you are currently facing.
    4. Share a Resource: Forward an article, a book/podcast/video recommendation that may be of interest to your contact
  3. Requests: Depending on the timing of your availability for a new job, you may want to ask your contact for one of the following:
    1. Contacts: Do they have anyone new they’d recommend you connect with?
    2. Job Openings: Are they aware of any relevant job openings (or upcoming postings)?
    3. Advice: If you already did what they recommended during your first meeting, thank them for their suggestion, update them on how it went for you, and ask if they have any other suggestions for you now.
By Julie Bartels
Julie Bartels Sr. Associate Director, Events & Operations