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Networking is a very important aspect of an internship. Even if an internship is dissatisfying and you come away feeling certain that you won’t be working for that particular company, think about the people you met while you were there.
Did you meet someone who knows someone who wants to start a newsletter for his church? Maybe you met someone who is starting his own business and wants to design a flyer or a Web page. These can be great opportunities for you to get out there and earn a little bit of money and experience while simultaneously helping someone out.
If you worked for a company that has vendors coming in and out, maybe you talked with one of them and they need someone with a business or accounting background. Tell them what you hope to do with your degree after graduation – and be sure to build a collection of business cards while you’re at it. You never know what opportunities may present themselves to you in the future.
Finally, don’t write off your manager or supervisor where you did your internship. If you’re honest about what you did and/or did not like about your internship, he may keep it in mind and give your name to someone in a different department of the same company, or he may give your name to a friend who has need of your particular strengths.
An internship can be a learning experience on many levels, not just in terms of improving your knowledge and skills in your major.

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